Large File Transfer using C#

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  • 김태윤

    Thanks for the good code. The big hope.
    I want to receive messages and files.
    I would like to mix this code.

    //TCP Socket: Data Transfer without Single Byte loss using C# ://
    TcpClient tc = obj_server.AcceptTcpClient ();
    NetworkStream ns = tc.GetStream ();
    if (ns.ReadByte () == 2)
    byte [] recv_data = ReadStream (ns);
    Form1.ActiveForm.Invoke (new MethodInvoker (delegate
    (TextBox) Form1.ActiveForm.Controls.Find (“tx_recv_data”, true) [0]). Text = Encoding.UTF8.GetString (recv_data);

    Please answer.

    • first activeform.control is just for video, do not use it as it is, debug breakpoint will fail. Use interfaces,

      use switch , properly

      can’t help u much right now, new tax eating my brain out, crap tax