GMail( using C programming SSL

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  • Saurav Suman

    While running the Code given in Email using C programming
    I get an error : Authentication Failed for Email Id://
    What are the steps to be followed: to resolve this??

    • Watch above video, and use code

      • Saurav Suman

        We dont use IDE for programming……
        Rather we directly work on terminal (3rd Sem Eng Student)

        We cant use libssl -dev as shown in the above video as i Dont know how to add it to terminal!!!!

        I am using Code in This Link:

        Plz Help

        • then learn gcc linking and compiling

      • Saurav Suman

        Error : 535 Authentication Failed for

        • Link libssl then it will work, u need to learn gcc compiling, without ssl google not respond,
          Good night!!!